Ovarios Herbal Blend Tea
Ovarios Herbal Blend Tea
Ovarios Herbal Blend Tea
Ovarios Herbal Blend Tea

Ovarios Herbal Blend Tea

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Ovary (Ovarios) Herbal Blend Tea 3oz

This Ovarios Herbal Blend Tea is a unique blend of five herbs, each carefully selected for its beneficial function in supporting women. This herbal infusion has been traditionally used since ancient times to naturally help support healthy premenstrual cycles by regulating mood swings or pain levels during menstruation as well as helping mitigates uterine bleeding when it occurs. This tea can do wonders for your body. It has properties that combat various problems, including an infection or inflammation in the vaginal area.

Some benefits include:

  • Regulates the menstrual cycle*
  • Improves the hormonal and metabolic cycle of women*
  • Benefits women with polycystic ovary syndrome*
  • Increases the quality of the oocytes causing the maturation of the ovules*
  • Reduces the chances of suffering from hyperandrogenism*
  • Reduces the appearance of acne and hirsutism*


Ingredients: Bolsa de Pastor, Tlanchichinole, Camote Silvestre, Hoja de Fresa (Strawberry Leaf), Don Quai

Directions: Add at least 1 tbsp of tea in 8-10oz of water. Bring water (with herbs)  to a boil over a medium fire, then reduce to low and simmer for another 5-15 minutes. Strain and pour into cups. Add sweetener if needed. Drink twice a day

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These statements and products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Always consult with a healthcare professional before using any herbal remedy.

Customer Reviews

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I purchased the ovarios tea because I didn’t have my period for over 100 days. At times I wouldn’t have a period for up to 6 months! I was very concerned and no doctors were able to explain to me what was happening to my body. I’m in my 30s and knew it couldn’t be early menopause! I happened to see a video for the tummy tuck tea and decided to purchase it as I’ve been really bloated. When I went to the website I saw the ovarios tea and decided to purchase it. I really wanted to see if this could help me as I want to be able to have a baby this year or next year. After 3 days of drinking this tea I got my period! I know it may not sound like a big deal to most but after not having one for 100 days I was growing extremely concerned that I would never ovulate again. These natural remedies have helped so much!!! The tummy tuck tea has helped with my bloating and after a week I’m already seeing results. I strongly recommend and will be ordering more soon!! Thank you Aztlan Herbal Remedies!!!!

Hi Brittany,
That's great news, we are all extremely happy to hear about your experience. Thank you for your feedback, please let us know if there is anything else that we can help you with. God bless

Gyselle Plascencia
I love it!!

Within 2 weeks I noticed the difference i got no cramps before getting my period or during. It wasn't as heavy as usual. And I don't feel bloated. I struggle with pcos so I'm hoping this helps me.


Ovarios Herbal Blend Tea

Angel morales

Soothing tea!

Amazing tea 🍵!!

I found Aztlan herbal remedies on tiktok. I have have irregular periods and on my period for 28 days. I decided to try this one, let me tell you, in just the first week that I started drinking it my irregular
bleeding stopped! This will be my go to from now on!!!!!