Tummy Tuck Herbal Blend Tea
Tummy Tuck Herbal Blend Tea
Tummy Tuck Herbal Blend Tea
Tummy Tuck Herbal Blend Tea

Tummy Tuck Herbal Blend Tea

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Tummy Tuck (Chupa Pansa) Herbal Blend Tea (3oz)

  • Helps release stubborn toxins and fats*
  • Helps fire up metabolism*
  • Provides gentle cleansing support*

Ingredients: Flax seed, Cascara Sagrada, Ginger Root, Pineapple, Hoja Sen, Alcachofa

Directions: Simmer 1 tbsp of Tummy Tuck Blend per 8-10 oz of water in a pot for 10 minutes on medium heat. Remove from heat and let stand for a few more minutes. Strain and drink as day water (cold or hot). It is recommended to drink 1 cup of tea for prevention and 2 cups for a medical condition. Add honey if desired

For Best Results: Take Tummy Tuck with our Herbal Detox Capsule for overall gut cleanse and weight management. Take 3 capsules of Herbal Detox (1am & 2pm) and 1 cup of Tummy Tuck Tea early evening or before evening meal.

Note: Factors can vary from person to person and may include body weight, lifestyle, and how fast your metabolism is.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These statements and products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Always consult with a healthcare professional before using any herbal remedy.

Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Maritdza Garcia

Tummy Tuck Herbal Blend Tea

Joshua Cobb
Taste Great

When initially ordering this product I figured it would have a horrible taste. It's not bad with raw honey. I drink it in the mornings, I feel better and in the evenings before bed. It is my second week and I'm down about 7 lbs.

Alberto Gonzales
Tummy tuck herbal blend tea

This tea really works and tastes good Thanks

Raquel Simeone
Herbal tummy tea

I really like this tea n since I'm prediabetic this helps w/my diet. I don't take meds for this condition for over ten years n alot of this is discipline n it's worth it. The tea is very delicious n it does curb my appetite n I even told my doctor abt this when u had my wellness check up n my ac numbers were great. I'm getting ready to order more of the tea n the sight has other teas that bi may order. I have a tea set that works well n it exactly 12oz n it perfect. Sometimes I'll make my tea twice a day n I enjoy it come summer time I'll make it into ice tea. This is a must buy n I review many products that I buy online n this a winner*. Now u can also buy the tummy tuck pills n they will give u a headache in the morning when u wake n I've had a few. So I have taken my pills after my meals instead of taking them before I go to bed n this seems to work better. Whether u buy the tummy tuck pills or not the tea is still a winner for me n we are all different body wise. The pills work better along w/ the tea

Hello Raquel, thank you for your well informed feedback. We do appreciate it a lot as it also help others. We're so happy the tea is working well with you. We can't wait to hear more progress sooner. Happy Healing

Jessika Santamaria
great item

I suffer from constipation and this has worked for me!