QUINA ROJA Bark (Cinchona Bark) (3oz)

QUINA ROJA Bark (Cinchona Bark) (3oz)

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Cinchona is a tree. People use the bark in herbal teas. The red bark from cinchona is usually removed from trees that are at least six years of age and then dried in the sun for grounding into a powder-like consistency. Cinchona bark has traditionally been prepared as teas, tinctures and a wide variety of special traditional tonics. Most often the as tea, one or two tablespoons of the chopped bark are added to six ounces of the water.  

  • Increasing appetite
  • Promoting the release of digestive juices
  • Helps with bloating, fullness, and other stomach problems.
  • Optimize blood flow and circulation
  • Immune Boosting
  • Stimulate hair growth
  • Manage varicose veins


 How to prep Quina Roja:

1 tbsp for every 6oz of Boiling Water

Steeped at least 10-15 minutes.




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