Colloidal Silver 45ppm 8oz


Our Colloidal Silver tastes like water to most people - though a slight metallic taste is normal for some. Good quality colloidal silver should therefore not require shaking before use, or be dark in color. Clear or pale yellow colloidal silver is the best as the particle size affects the color of the solution and the larger particles produce a darker color liquid, and aren't easily absorbed by the body.  

  • Features pure elemental silver and deionized water
  • May help support immune health
  • Delivers 45ppm

How to Use: Mix a tsp into a large glass of water (DO NOT use metallic containers or utensils). May dilute with water or juice.



Adults: 1-2 teaspoons daily, or as directed by a health professional.

Children: ½-1 teaspoon daily, or as directed by a health professional.


Warnings: If pregnant, breast-feeding, have allergic reactions to trace minerals (especially silver), or any chronic or recurring symptoms or illness, ask a health professional before use. Consult a physician for use in children under 12 years of age.


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews


Scott Janovici
Elderberry Sea Moss

Excellent quality just like all the other products I have or tried from Aztlan. A+++++

Helps with my Acne

This Silver is so gentle on my face and I don't feel any irritation at all. I started using it as a facial toner after I washes my face and I notice my face started getting clearer.

Magic in a bottle

Need I say more! I bought this to use as a face toner (as recommended by Janice) because I struggle with oily and acne skin. I have been using it for a week and it works Amazing, better than the store bought toners. (Not kidding) Also great application to use for sun burn. **You keep the tan without peeling**

Cecilia F.
Nasal Issues Gone!!!

Bought this product along with the 102 Minerals Tincture. So amazing that I have already ordered another bottle after only a few uses! This has already helped me immensely ! I have been experiencing constant sinus and nasal issues for almost a year now. Wonderful product and prompt shipping. Thank you !!